What is primary effect paper frame filter

Paper frame primary filter is a very common primary filter, which is mainly made of fiber material and has good filtering effect. Paper filter can ensure that the equipment will not be deformed, broken or distorted in operation to meet the filtering requirements. At the same time, the outer frame of the filter screen is made of solid paper frame and is made of discounted filter material, which increases the filtering area and reduces the resistance of the filter screen, thus extending the service cycle of the filter screen.

The filter material is folded into a high-strength cardboard, which increases the windward area. The dust particles in the incoming air are effectively blocked between the pleats by the filter material. The clean air flows out evenly from the other side, so the airflow through the filter is gentle and uniform. Depending on the filter material, the particle size it blocks varies from 0.5µm to 5µm, and the filtration efficiency also varies.

According to the cleanliness of the environment, generally need to be replaced within one to six months.

Filter features: Moisture resistance Made from 100% man-made fiber filter media, the outer frame is made of a strong, moisture-resistant hardboard frame. It will not distort, break or twist under normal operating conditions. The filter media is fixed diagonally to the front and back of the frame. The filter media is tightly bonded to the outer frame to prevent any air leakage.

It has a wide range of applications, most commonly used in program-controlled switchboards and constant temperature and humidity air conditioner for computer room, in various combined air conditioning units and ventilation systems, as well as large transportation hubs such as airports.

Primary paper frame filter is the category most people choose, not only because of his product characteristics, its price is also very good value for money, the office environment almost all have its figure, which is also the reason it is loved by people, at the same time, we as a manufacturer of primary filters suggest that when buying filters or to buy the principle of quality, otherwise it will reduce the filter efficiency of the filter It will also increase the load.

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