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Company Profile

Guangzhou RT Air Filtech Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is committed to offer related ranges of air filters for industries such as electronics factory, semiconductor, liquid crystal display, bio-pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical industry, clean room, hospital,rail transit, spray booth, commercial and residential construction. With high-tech equipment, experienced technicians and perfect testing equipment, from design, research and development, production, quality control to finished products, we can achieve the essence and quality, and are highly appreciated by users at home and abroad. The business has spread to more than 50 countries and regions around the world.


Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "integrity cooperation, coexistence and mutual benefit", taking "quality first" as its tenet, taking data and facts as its foundation, deeply digging into customer needs, and accurately evaluating the operating cycle cost of its filtration products. In order to ensure the maximum benefit of customers, we provide comprehensive and effective air purification solutions, solutions and services for each customer.

Corporate Culture

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Our VisionOur Value


Ten-year goals

Create a high-quality purification product 

and create a world brand

Quality / Trust /  Innovation, 

Responsibility / Collaboration / Win-win

RT, making purification easier 

and breathing more natural

Layout global manufacturing, build an industrial ecological chain, and lead the industry to upgrade

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Factory show


外贸业务员英文.jpg01. Foreign trade salesman
┃ Job Responsibilities

1. Assist the operation and promotion department to optimize the management of Alibaba international 

    website and Made in China platform.

2. Follow up the company's platform resources inquiry, quotation, to facilitate the order transaction, establish 

    a good customer relationship.

3. Use Google, Facebook, Linkedin and other social platforms to develop new customers.

4. Team work with each other, maintain old customers with care and actively develop new customers.

5. Collecting market information, using various channels to develop overseas markets, looking for tracking 

    target customers.

6. The company provides abundant domestic and international exhibition resources. 

┃ Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, proficient in English listening, reading, writing and speaking, familiar with business 

    English letters.

2. Be aggressive, dare to challenge, have a clear plan and goal for their own development.

3. Identify with the enterprise, love the foreign trade business industry, have the responsibility and team 

    cooperation spirit.

Note: To learn more about the position, you can submit your resume to Email: llh@rtfiltech.com.

02. Domestic Sales
┃ Job Responsibilities
1. Continuously develop new customers through phone, email, internet, field visits and other social tools.

2. Learn sales skills, improve sales ability, find the right customer needs and promote customer cooperation.

3. Responsible for collecting and organizing customer information, mastering and maintaining customer relationships.

4. Fulfill the customized sales target of the company and carry out the sales work in a planned manner.

┃ Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, marketing related majors. More than one year of sales experience, with experience 

    in the same industry or related industries is preferred.

2. Ability of market development, organization and coordination, comprehensive product solution and 

    planning ability.

3. Strong communication skills and social skills, strong anti-stress ability, love sales work.

Note: To learn more about the position, you can submit your resume to Email: llh@rtfiltech.com.

阿里运营-英文.jpg03. Alibaba Operation
┃ Job Responsibilities

1. responsible for the daily operation of Alibaba, MIC and other platforms.

2. Responsible for platform operation data research and analysis, timely adjustment of operation strategy to 

    achieve the expected results.

4. establish effective operation means to enhance the channel visits and business conversion rate according to 

    the product and improve the revenue value of operation resources.

5. track the promotion effect of each contact, analyze data and feedback reports.

6. Cooperate with the team to complete the company's business sales and other indicators

┃ Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, with a certain understanding of Internet operation and technology.

2. Familiar with the marketing and promotion mode of B platform and various marketing tools.

3. strong communication and coordination skills, creative, sensitive to the market, with a certain degree of 

    data analysis skills.

4. Strong work responsibility and initiative, with teamwork spirit.

Note: To learn more about the position, you can submit your resume to Email: llh@rtfiltech.com.

04. Warehouse Administrator
┃ Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the documentary system entry of the incoming and outgoing warehouse materials, the 

    establishment of the warehouse system accounts, and responsible for the validity of the computer ledger 

    and the conformity of the documents.

2. Responsible for warehouse documents filing, collection and registration management.

3. Regular inventory of items and timely follow-up of incoming and outgoing data.

4. Entry and verification of the registration of the entry and exit of goods.

5. Record keeping of work reports.

6. Complete other work of the department head.

┃ Job Requirements
1. Secondary education or above, familiar with ERP system.

2. Able to bear hardships and work hard, careful, sensitive to data.

3. Experience in warehouse management is preferred.

Note: To learn more about the position, you can submit your resume to Email: llh@rtfiltech.com.